Eucalyptus & Mint Shower Steamers (6-pack)
Eucalyptus & Mint Shower Steamers (6-pack)
Eucalyptus & Mint Shower Steamers (6-pack)
Eucalyptus & Mint Shower Steamers (6-pack)

Eucalyptus & Mint Shower Steamers (6-pack)

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Who doesn't love Eucalyptus? Better yet, what better cure is there for nasal congestion than a powerful blend of Eucalyptus and Mint. Packed with potent Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils, as well as a splash of menthol, these steamers will have you breathing easy in no time.

This listing is for a package of six (6) steamers.


Never heard of a shower steamer? Well, a shower steamer is kind of like a bath bomb for your shower, but also very different. While bath bombs go directly in the tub with you, a shower steamer is placed on the floor of your shower and as the water hits it, the aroma of the essential oils is released. Shower steamers contain a very high content of essential oils which can be irritating to the skin, which is why it is recommended to never use your shower steamer as a bath bomb!

How do you use a shower steamer? The easiest way to use a steamer is to first run the hot water (door closed and no fan!) until the room gets a bit steamy. Once you are ready to get into the shower, let a few drops hit the top of the steamer. This will activate it and you will see it starting to fizz. Place steamer on the floor away from the direct stream of water, but where it will still get wet. A lot of people like to keep them between their feet. Another option is to use a mesh/organza drawstring bag and hang the steamer at eye level on a hook if you have one. This will make the aroma stronger as it will be closer to your nose. It will also be less messy this way should the steamer last longer than your shower.

If your steamer hasn't completely dissolved by the end of your shower, you can save it for next time! It won't be as pretty as it started, but it will still be great for the next use. This is where the drawstring bag method comes in handy!

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Arrowroot Flour, Kaolin Clay, Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Menthol.


Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Kovac
Fantastic steamers

Awesome steamers, strong and long lasting

Life saver!

I’m a new mom of a 7 month old and last night we were hit with our first cold. Poor girl was up all night congested. Desperate to find a natural solution to help my baby breathe easier, I remembered I had these shower steamers! I cranked the hot water and popped four of these bad boys into the tub and let them do their job.

We played on the floor while letting the steam help ease the congestion. The snot was POURING from her nose! Afterwards, she was able to fall asleep easily, something she struggled to do all night. This mama is SO grateful for these incredible steamers and will definitely be restocking for the long winter ahead.


So I approached Julia because I had seen she was starting to sell BATH STEAMERS , I order a few to try as I had been suffering from really bad headaches which was believed to be caused from Sinus issues . I was in love , they are amazing ! I have a full glass shower so the steamer was really contained inside my shower which I loved . I was shocked at how much it helped with my headaches . It was the perfect amount of eucalyptus scent , not over barring at all . I ran my shower 15 mins and it was just the right amount of time for my steamer … I would definitely recommend and will be buying more . Cant wait to try others ! Thank you

“Luxurious Steamer Therapy”

I tried the Eucalyptus Mint shower steamer last night for the first time. After a long stressful day, it was just what I needed. What a beautiful smelling aroma I had during my shower and after my shower that continued as I got ready for bed. This was a fantastic treat to my body just before bed time! I absolutely love it!!!!

Relaxing 😌

The shower steamers are fabulous. The aroma of the essential oils are relaxing and soothing. A must try!