FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is so special about natural soap?
A: Commercially produced soaps often contain harsh ingredients that are harmful to your skin and they can leave you feeling dry and tight. The soap may be cleansing, but it is also stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Handcrafted soaps contain naturally produced glycerin which is a by-product of the saponification process. Commercially produced soaps often have this glycerin removed to use it in other products. Glycerin is a humectant. Put simply, glycerin helps your skin to retain its natural moisture and also draws in moisture from the air! This helps your skin to stay hydrated longer, which we think it's safe to say is something we all want 😉

Self-care is so important, and by choosing to use natural soap and body products with simple ingredients, you are taking charge of your skincare and keeping yourself conscious of what you use on your body.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Our home base is in Angus, Ontario however we ship to all of Canada and the U.S. If you are local to us, please send us an email prior to ordering at lightandsaltsoap@outlook.com to arrange local pickup. While we do not have a storefront at this time, keep in touch with us on Instagram and Facebook to find out when we will be at a market to meet us in person!

Q: How do I make my natural soap last longer?
A: If you have used natural soaps before, you may have noticed that they sometimes get a little gooey if used frequently. In order to avoid this, we recommend allowing your soap to fully dry between uses on a soap dish that allows for drainage

Q: How fast do you ship out orders?
A: We want to get your soap to you as soon as possible and so we aim to ship out all orders within two (2) business days.

Q: Why is shipping so expensive?
A: Unfortunately Canada has some of the most expensive postage. We try to keep the postage costs as low as possible for you, which is why we recommend purchasing at least a few bars at a time in order to get more bang for your buck! All orders are shipped out with a tracking number through Canada Post which you will receive as soon as your order ships!