I shared this post on my instagram feed, but wanted to share it on my blog as well.

Just popping in to say hi. If you're new to my page, my name is Julia and I am the creator/face behind Light & Salt Soap Company.

The early months of the year tend to be slower, which gives me time to restock all your favourites and even work on some new soaps (My favourite thing to do).

I did have a handful of events in January which is where this unflattering photo was taken 😂😂. I was really tired this day.

Like most moms, I wear many hats. It is not at all unusual to see me at a market baby wearing at nap time or even having to nurse my little one. I have even had shoppers recognize me from other events because of this 🫣🤭. Being an entrepreneur is never easy since you're never NOT working, and being a parent on top that can make it more challenging to get everything done. Though tiring as it may be, I will take this over going back to the 9-5 life any day.

I am terrible with social media, but I am working on being more present this year.

I am currently accepting new wholesale/private label clients. If you've always wanted to have your own skincare line for your brand, send me a message and let's chat!

Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself below!

Aaaand that's all my thoughts for the day...buh byeee 


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